Surgery to decrease the size of the female breasts.

Reduction mammoplasty eliminates cervical discomfort, spinal column pains and friction skin lesions.

When a patient asks us for a breast reduction surgery, it is always motivated by a number of causes among which, aside from wishing for a perfect aesthetic, it may be either because she feels dissatisfied with the appearance of her breasts, or because they have obvious malformations, or Because you suffer from back and neck pain or have acquired a poor position of the vertebrae of the spine, or even may also suffer from chronic irritation of the skin by abrasion of the fastener due to excessive weight of your mammary glands.

In all of the above cases, our patient comes to the clinic with "Doctor. I want to reduce the volume of my chest".

The purpose of a breast reduction operation is to noticeably reduce breast size, achieving this by removing a large part of the breast tissue, fat and skin, thus achieving smaller breasts of a size at the taste and convenience of the breast. Patient according to their body proportions.

The surgical procedure will also address the aesthetics and size of the areola of the nipple and also of the stretching and flaccidity of the skin of the breasts resulting from the change in the volume of the breasts of the intervened patient.

There are several reduction mammoplasty techniques, depending on the patient's case, but generally the incisions are anchor-shaped, placed around the areola and in a vertical line down from the areola and a horizontal in the groove below the breast , Through which the excess skin, breast tissue and fat is removed, then replacing the areola and nipple in its new position. Drainages and a bandage fastener are placed, which after a few days is removed.

A breast reduction surgery depending on the situation of the patient is performed with sedation and local anesthesia or with administration of general anesthesia with 1 night of hospitalization.


  1. It is recommended to sleep semi-seated.
  2. She will wear a sports bra for a month.
  3. There will be no sudden movements or great efforts.
  4. It requires a disability of approximately 15 days.
  5. You will not be able to exercise until 6 weeks after the surgery.
  6. It is necessary to avoid gaining weight, since if it is increased it will increase in some degree the fat volume of the breasts.

Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions:

If an increase in body weight is present after the operation, the fat volume of the breasts will be increased to some degree.

Usually a breast reduction operation does not usually cause significant postoperative pain symptomatology.