Fat transfer surgery on buttocks.

Indicated for women and men who wish to shape the shape of their glutes.

Lipotransfer is a cosmetic surgery technique that uses low pressure liposuction to extract grafts of cells from adipose tissue and implant them into the necessary areas of the same patient.

The extraction of fat is usually done mainly the hips, thighs and abdomen and the transfer of this fatty tissue can be done with excellent results in the buttocks, managing to increase the volume of these as well as stylize the figure with the removal of excess fat In some parts of the body.

The buttock lipotransfer has three main indications:

  1. In women and men who wish to give volume to the buttocks: It is an operation increasingly requested by both women and men who wish not to have flaccid, flat or shapeless buttocks, achieving with a lipotransfer operation having glutes with an aspect Turgid and very natural.
  2. Correction of asymmetries: It is when we have a buttocks that have a quite different form.
  3. Repair and remodeling of depressions caused by accidents or diseases.

The purpose of lipotransfer is to enhance the buttocks by creating a harmonic and slender line.


The increase of glutes by lipotransferencia is a surgical procedure that consists of two steps:

  1. The extraction of fat, mainly from the hips, thighs and abdomen through a low pressure liposuction.
  2. Transfer of fat to the buttocks, increasing the size of the gluteus and its projection.

Increased buttocks with fat, is an outpatient surgery that does not require hospitalization and is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, the surgical time is approximately 2 hours and a half.

Most patients can return to their jobs within a week and have a normal life after three weeks.

During a week is normal to have some discomfort, to have the area inflamed and to appear some bruises that with the passage of days will disappear.


The ideal candidates for lipotrasferencia in buttocks are those who have fat deposits very localized in the abdomen and the flanks of the torso and hips, mainly.

The results obtained with the lipotransferencia are very satisfactory, the injections of fat are more successful in the buttocks than in other areas of the body, since the buttocks by their natural characteristics are very apt to accumulate adipose tissue, nevertheless it is not necessary to stop Take into account that in some cases the volume achieved can be contracted again or reduced in part and be reabsorbed by the body.

Lipotransfer is a safer procedure than gluteal implants, since the injected material comes from the body itself and does not produce rejection.