Liposuction allows correction of deformities because of accumulation of localized fats.

Liposculpture enhances figure when diet and exercise are not enough.

Liposuction, also called lipoplasty, liposculpture, or lipo, is a surgery by means of which subcutaneous fat is extracted to harmonize the figure. It is a surgical procedure of great demand, given its ambulatory nature and highly satisfactory results.

With liposuction, the body contour is improved, correcting excess volumes in the different areas of the body where the largest fat tissue, abdomen, flanks, trochanters or cartridge cases, inner thighs, knees and jowls, among others, is accumulated. It is possible to improve cellulite in a high percentage in the treated areas.


This procedure can be performed with local anesthesia in 80% of the cases or with local anesthesia and sedation 20% of the cases. It is of an ambulatory nature, allowing patients to return to work in about 48 hours, being possible to carry out sports activities at 3 weeks later.

After the operation the patient should wear a medium compression garment for at least 2 weeks.

Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is usually a period of inflammation that will begin to subside slowly and at 6 weeks is when it is considered that the most noticeable changes are appreciated.

It usually produces stiffness in the treated areas, extremely rare cases of patients suffering pain in the treated areas.

With this technique it is improbable that skin irregularities occur, on the contrary, to have an improvement of its appearance in the intervened areas.

No, fat cells do not reappear; however, if you increase your weight you run the risk that the treated areas will increase in volume by increasing the size of fat cells.

It is advisable not to take directly the first few weeks and then use high protection sunscreen for 6 months.

No. The use of sutures is not required with this latest generation technique.

It is recommended to restart the exercise routine after the third week.


Causes and treatment.

Cellulitis is the permanent inflammation of the cellular tissue that is under the skin. It usually occurs in the gluteal, abdominal and upper thigh regions...

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