With breast uplift surgery is achieved regained chest turgor for the remodeling of glandular breast tissue.

This surgery achieves the collection of the breast and the remodeling of the nipple.

Mastopexy or breast uplift surgery is a procedure that corrects the problem of sagging breasts. These "fall" for several reasons: the passage of years, weight loss, loss of skin elasticity after breastfeeding. With this procedure it is possible to correct the fall, reposition the tissues and recover the shape of the breasts.

If the breasts have fallen due to excess skin volume and this volume is adequate, the surgery is performed maintaining the same volume, but if they have fallen due to loss of volume, it will be necessary to place implants to improve their shape.

Breast uplift surgery also reduces the size and shape of the areola which is the dark skin portion that surrounds the nipple and is usually equally affected.

We can use the various surgical procedures to choose depending on the quality of the skin, the volume of the breast tissue, the size and position of the areola.


The surgery is performed with general or local anesthesia with sedation, in some cases, the intervention usually lasts 3 hours and requires hospitalization.


The techniques used can be very varied as well as the resulting scars, always depending on each particular case, being the most frequent:

  1. The technique with Peri Areolar scar, ie incision around the areola.
  2. The technique with incision and vertical scar around the areola and vertical infraareolar.
  3. The technique with incision and scar in J.
  4. The technique with inverted T-scar: Periareolar incision, more vertical incision, more horizontal incision. Which is indispensable in many cases in which the breasts are very sagged, very flaccid and also with a marked excess of tissues, whether of skin or of fatty and glandular tissue. This technique is usually the most used.

The best plastic surgeon always looks for the smallest and best possible scar, and the best scar is the one he least appreciates.

Once you have chosen the technique to use, a resection of the excess skin and the mammary gland is done by rearranging the chest in its new position. There are cases in which the implantation of a breast prosthesis is necessary to complete the remodeling of the same one.

MASTOPEXY - Before and After


The day after the surgery it is normal that you may feel tired and feel some pain in the chest and if you have the mammary prosthesis, which is easily controlled with the prescribed medication. The days that are withdrawn are usually left in the next 24 to 72 hours and if there are external points they were withdrawn between the second and third week after surgery. A good part of the post-surgery delay activities. A special bra should be worn 24 hours a day, ie day and night for less than a month.

Sport and other physical exercise activities of the box again perform by 4 weeks after surgery. It is normal to have decreased sensitivity or tingling in the breasts, which in a couple of weeks has to return to normal.

The scar was hard and reddish for the first 6 weeks, but after the indicated care became pale and soft depending on its healing.

This surgery does not lift and / or decrease the volume of the sinuses but tries to balance these asymmetries.

Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Over time it is logical that gravity and loss of elasticity will produce a normal drop in tissue, but it is not usually important.

If the operation includes the placement of breast prostheses, there is usually the natural discomfort of performing the retromuscular pocket for the implant.