Results in plastic surgery of Dr. Miguel Hoyos.

Gallery of images, before and after, taken in the first consultation and then in the postoperative of plastic surgery.

As a testimony to our professional responsibility, we present a gallery of real images, taken directly in our consultation during the evaluation of the initial situation of the patient, and the ones that we later record as a postoperative evolution, so as to appreciate as faithfully as possible the Evolution of healing and the final appearance of each of our plastic surgery operations.

As a measure of protection of your privacy, the identity and recognition of the people taken as a model in this collection is totally preserved.

ABDOMINOPLASTY - Correction of the abdomen

MAMOPLASTY - Breast augmentation..

BLEFAROPLASTY - Facial Surgery.

MASTOPEXY - Uplift breast.

Dr. Miguel Hoyos is a member of SECPRE.

SECPRE is the Spanish Society for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Rehabilitation, a scientific society that brings together the specialists in Plastic Surgery who have become deserving of being part of the same for their merits in terms of training, knowledge, experience and ethics.

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