The brachial lifting consists of the cut back of excess skin in some areas of the arms.

Corrects sagging skin and loss of muscle tone in the arms.

The arm lift is a surgical procedure that improves the shape and smoothness of the arms when there is a great sagging of tissues of the dermis that produce an aesthetic aspect at the level of the arms.

This flaccidity occurs because the skin of these areas has been distended by causes generally due to fluctuations in body weight, as happens for example, when switching from a thick body to a thinner one after a successful diet.

So when the weight decreased, the skin no longer had enough elasticity to adapt to the smaller volume, hence "leftover" skin and "hangs".


The surgical procedure in an arm lift operation is performed by local anesthesia and sedation. The incision is made on the inner side of each arm in which the excess fat and skin will be removed. The incisions are made so that the scars are as visible as possible.

In case the scars are long and evident of the desired one will have to evaluate in second instance to proceed to the improvement in the corporal contour of such scars.

Normally after surgery, drainage tubes are left and removed within 24 hours.


After the drains have been removed, a compressive garment is to be worn for about 3 to 4 weeks.

  1. Relative rest.
  2. Do not lift heavy objects.
  3. Do not do stretching.
  4. Do not perform sports activities before 4 weeks.

Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, after performing this procedure the arms regain their youthful turgor.